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VAT Returns | VAT Services London

You can spend time grappling with VAT rules and calculating VAT returns – or you can get our specialist VAT help and get back to running your business. Our experts will take care of all your VAT needs. Often this leads to better cash flow and sometimes even a hefty rebate where you’ve overpaid your VAT.

It’s not just about VAT Returns

Need to argue that your product should be zero-rated? Want help disputing an assessment? Or represent a specific business sector and want to challenge a VAT rule? We’re the people to have in your corner.

How Birchtree Sullivan VAT experts can help

Birchtree Sullivan is renowned for VAT advice. We are strong technically and have the experience of dealing with lots VAT issues with our clients.

Here are just a few areas where we can help:

  • Customs duties – Advice on setting up warehouse regimes to defer custom duties and VAT on imports.
  • VAT disputes & appeals – Challenging unjustified VAT assessments, negotiating settlements and representing you at a VAT & Duties Tribunal.
  • Partial exemption – Maximising your VAT recovery, whilst limiting your costs.
  • Planning & structuring VAT transactions – Structuring transactions to avoid unnecessary VAT and helping you deal with the central government or local authorities on issues.
  • International issues – Rationalising your VAT registrations worldwide, managing the cash flow implications of a VAT and securing VAT repayments from other countries.
  • Specialist sectors – such as catering, not for profit, import & Export, Lettings Management, Construction Industry.

Why not get in touch? It could bring you an excellent return.

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