Sole Trader vs Limited Company?

sole trader vs limited company

Sole Trader Vs Limited Company

As a self-employed individual, I question which you make ask yourself is should I stay as a sole trader, or form my own Limited Company? There are advantages of both sole trader and limited company, but also some drawbacks to be aware of. Remember every situation is different – some people may choose to go Limited for the added weight it puts behind their company name, some people may choose not to incorporate as they don’t earn enough to take advantage of the added tax efficiency.

Advantages of going limited or staying as a sole trader

Advantages of going Limited:
• Limited Liability
• Added Employability
• The potential for greater profitability
• Better Exit Strategy

Advantages of staying as a sole trader:
• No IR35 worries
• Less paperwork
• Simpler accounts
• Privacy

How can Birchtree Sullivan help?

At Birchtree Sullivan, our sole trader accountants and limited company accountants have the required knowledge and experience to help you make the right decision. We can make the change as smooth as possible.

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