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Not For Profit Charity Accountant In London

Continuously changing legislation mean that charities need more than just good intents to survive in today’s climate. At Birchtree Sullivan the team that specializes in not-for-profit provides accountancy and reporting services for a wide range of not-for-profit sectors. We have expert charity accountants based in London.


Running a charity can be such a satisfying activity, but stressful at the same time. We advise our charity clients on issues such as SORP compliance, public benefit, VAT, tax-effective giving, trading, Charity Commission guidance, internal controls, trustee responsibilities and governance issues.

Governance is a key matter for charities, predominantly at a time when financial pressures are significant. Charity management and trustees need to reflect if they are meeting their responsibilities successfully.

Our governance services include:

  • Advising on risk management.
  • Considering the impact of emerging issues.
  • Considering compliance with key Charity Commission guidance.
  • Highlighting best practice.
  • Trustee and management training.
  • Bookkeeping services & performance management.

Independent schools

Our specialist team assists schools improve their accounting systems, minimize exposure to irrecoverable VAT and maximize tax effective fund-raising. We also assist in forecasting and longer-term options, such as merging with other schools.


Whether you are already an academy or going through the process of becoming an academy, we have a team of experts that can assist you along the way.

Clubs & societies

New rules have shaped some interesting new opportunities for clubs and associations. Things like an extension of gift aid and removal of tax on low-level profits can help some clubs to grow funds. Our team of experts can express if your club could get advantage.

Registered Social Landlords and Registered Social Housing Providers

With the tighter mortgage lending and a lack of rented accommodation, the need for Social Housing has never been greater. Our team can deliver efficient, professional advisory solutions to help RSLs prosper and grow.

Religious and ecclesiastical charities

We have a team of specialist charity accountants in London. Our long-term work with religious charities and trustees includes improving accounting systems and controls, preparing accounts and disclosures, accounting for legacies, mitigating VAT on construction projects, and classifying unrestricted, restricted and endowment funds.

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