HMRC Tax Investigation

HMRC Tax Investigation in London


HMRC Tax Investigation In London

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) advances hundreds of thousands of investigations into the tax matters of individuals and businesses each year. Many of these investigations are directed but some are random and unexpected.

If you are under investigation by HMRC, our Tax Investigation team will assist you to come up with the best possible outcome. We are committed to reducing the stress and disruption that a tax investigation may bring you. We will explain the process to you, advise you, discuss with HMRC on your behalf and represent you at the tax tribunal.

We’ll make the investigation more convenient for you by handling the interactions with HMRC on your behalf. And we’ll conclude the matter with a minimum of fuss and cost by securing a settlement at the earliest possible date.

If you need to disclose a tax problem to HMRC even though you are not under investigation, we can help you to secure the most beneficial terms possible.

Expert advice from tax investigation specialists

Our Tax Investigation Team has years of experience obtained at HMRC and within the accountancy profession.You can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you are working with a firm which understands HMRC’s processes and controls to their fullest level.

Always available to assist you – even in the evenings and weekends

We consider that a tax investigation is awfully stressful and can have high risks for your business and family.We aim to ease that burden for you and will always be available to talk with you, even in the evenings or at weekends.
You can receive the specialist help that you sought when you need it from Birchtree Sullivan.

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