Expanding abroad?

International trading – help with expansion?

If you’re already involved in international markets or thinking of importing, exporting or setting up an overseas business – trading internationally offers massive potential for your business. Before entering overseas markets, it’s vital to do your homework.

Birchtree Sullivan is here to help. We’ll help you understand new markets, establish local links and develop customised international tax plans that will give you the edge and help make the venture more profitable for you.

International business – how local assistance can help

Having international links is more than just a nice thing to have – it’s a necessity.

Birchtree Sullivan will help you with:
• The options – branches, agencies, service companies, subsidiaries and legal entity format.
• Tax efficient ownership – development and exploitation of intellectual property.
• Holding company location – for tax efficient repatriation of profits into the UK.
• Finance structure – to ensure tax efficient circulation of cash within a group.
• Regulatory information – ensure you follow regulatory practices and you are compliant in the relevant countries, saving time and money.
• Local customs and culture – knowing these can make a huge difference to a business relationship.

More importantly, we offer the local business advice that can be so vital. Remember that it’s the small things that can be so easy to miss without that local input.

International Tax

Co-ordinating international tax advice across jurisdictions is vital. Our international tax experts will develop customised tax plans that help manage your compliance while reducing your exposure. We advise clients on:
• Tax efficient ownership structures
• Repatriation of profits
• Withholding taxes and tax clearances
• Double taxation relief
• Controlled Foreign Companies planning
• Managing enquiries from local and UK tax authorities

Considering investing in the UK?

If you are considering trading or investing in the UK, read our Investing in the UK guide for further information.