Cop 8 Tax Investigation

Cop 8 Tax Investigation Specialist London


Cop 8 Tax Investigation Specialists London

The Fraud and avoidance section of the Specialist Investigations Directorate of HMRC carries out investigations under the COP 8 procedure in all cases where the Civil Investigation of Fraud procedures (COP 9) are not used.

If HMRC suspects that there has been an intentional attempt to pay less than the correct amount of tax or to take advantage of a scheme or device to reduce or eliminate a tax liability, they will examine the matter thoroughly. Under COP 8, their aim is to achieve a financial recovery of any tax, interest and penalties owed. Whilst this is not undertaken with a criminal investigation in mind, if they suspect or find proof of serious fraud, they may take action under COP 9 or instigate criminal proceedings.

HMRC endorses that anyone under COP 8 investigation should consider instructing a professional adviser. At Birchtree Sullivan, we have wide experience of these investigations and will be able to help &support you throughout the process, by attending meetings with HMRC and helping you to formulate the information that they require to resolve their inquiries.

Our objective is to ensure that the investigation is brought to a rapid conclusion. If we can help you to establish that there is nothing wrong with your tax affairs, the matter will be closed without further consequence. Should HMRC substantiate their case, we will attempt to mitigate any interest and penalties levied.

We can also represent you at the independent tribunal if you wish to appeal HMRC’s decision.

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