Contractual Disclosure Facility-CDF

Contractual Disclosure Facility


Contractual Disclosure Facility London

This facility will be obtainable by taxpayers when HMRC suspects that a tax fraud has taken place. Those wishing to own up to potentially fraudulent activity may also take advantage of the Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF).

  • HMRC offers a new contractual disclosure facility CDF from 31 January 2012.
  • If HMRC writes to an individual about a suspected tax fraud they will be offered the CDF.
  • CDF can also be utilised by anyone who desires to own up to tax fraud.
  • CDF is only used for tax fraud: it does not apply to errors, mistakes or avoidance schemes.

If HMRC writes to a taxpayer because tax fraud is suspected, and intends to investigate using Code of Practice 9, a CDF contract will be offered.Under CDF there are 3 options:

  • Owning up to fraud: the CDF route
  • Deciding not to own up to fraud: the denial route
  • Not replying to HMRC: the non-cooperation route

Under COP 9 HMRC will refrain from criminal investigation and prosecution provided that the individual makes a full disclosure. CDF ties together the disclosure process.

To use the CDF the individual must:

  • Make a full and formal disclosure to HMRC within 60 days
  • Sign a statement to say that you have provided accurate and complete details of the tax fraud
  • Pay all taxes, duties, interest and penalties due
  • Stop any fraud immediately

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