Company Limited by Shares


Company Limited by Shares

Our most popular company type is the Private Limited Company Limited by Shares. Whilst providing you with protection and security, our company formation options provide maximum advantages and ensure the best individual setup at minimal cost.

Being a Limited Company will protect your company name, your personal assets and will add credibility to your business.

If you are looking to formalise the existence of a business or attract investment, the setting up of a Limited Company is for you. Forming a Company with Birchtree Sullivan is a convenient and efficient process through our online system with the additional benefit of a fully experienced and qualified support team on call at any step of the process.

Who Is It For? 
Anyone who wants to start trading whilst looking to add credibility to the business and protect personal assets.


  • Personal assets of directors and shareholders are protected
  • Limited status provides credibility and confidence both to suppliers and customers due to the transparent nature of the UK company system.
  • Company name protection, preventing anyone else from trading under that name
  • Legitimate business expenses can be claimed against tax
  • Help attract investments to the Business
  • The Company is a separate legal person from the owners and can hold assets, including Intellectual Property under the company name

Additional Information:

  • Company’s details available for all to see on the Companies House database
  • Company name listed in the Register of Companies maintained by Companies House

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