Company Limited by Guarantee


Company Formation | Company Limited by Guarantee

A Limited by Guarantee Company can take on two forms:

  • A Charity Company, which dedicates its surplus to “charitable causes”
  • A Not for Profit Company such as an association, social club or a club

Birchtree Sullivan Company Registrations is experienced in setting up Charity and Not for Profit companies and has developed a selection of specific Limited by Guarantee packages to suit your needs.

Who Is It For?

It is aimed at groups of people who want to establish a corporate entity to raise money and promote the aims of their organisation.

Features & Benefits

  • Adds transparency & gives you more credibility
  • Enables you to open a business bank account
  • Obtain Intellectual Property under the company name
  • Facilitates Charity Commission registration (applies to Charity packages only)
  • Your specific company objects will be listed in the Articles of Association at the time of incorporation
  • The company is registered without a share capital and its members act as guarantors instead of shareholders
  • The members’ liability is limited to a nominal amount that they agree to pay (usually £1) should the company be wound up

Additional Information

  • Company details available for all to see on the Companies House database
  • Company name is listed in the Register of Companies maintained by Companies House

Proof of ID 
We are legally obliged to check proof of ID and proof of address for customers using our address services. This is to comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. For which documents you need to provide us please check the FAQs.

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